I’m a coach, consultant, and facilitator  in New York City partnering with individuals and teams to cultivate intention, action, and accountability in their work. 

Across industries, I’ve been fortunate to work with all kinds of partners from startups to Fortune 500s — collaborating on organization design, development and people operations and helping solve inefficiencies, boost communication, energize teams and culture



I provide 1:1 virtual and in-person coaching to support the development of individuals in areas of leadership, communication and helping them bring their core values into their work.


Professionally trained in the Coactive Leadership Model, our partnership will emphasize you as a whole person and we'll explore together with intuition, curiosity, deepening the learning and self-management.


As your coach, you can expect me to be an objective listener focused on and flexible to your needs. You will be challenged and acknowledged in service of your goals and ambitions and have an accountability partner with you every step of the way. 


Leveraging project management experience across sectors, I partner with founders, chiefs, executives and teams on initiatives related to organization design and development to achieve better alignment for individuals and stronger process and teamwork in the organization. 


I also partner with collaborators and clients to design and facilitate workshops to improve team building and effectiveness and create dialogue for opportunities for improvement. 

As your partner, I can support both your timely and long-term needs in both "back of house" and "front of house", often addressing areas such as team building, workflow, communication, change management, prioritization, role clarification, project management, decision making and more.



“I can't begin to express my gratitude for these sessions and for Kaylin's amazing work and guidance -- I feel a new sense of vision and self-awareness. I am more active and engaged in my daily actions and am pausing to stop and think about how I would approach things differently or more importantly, how I want to lead, communicate, and treat others and myself. This level of reflection has allowed me to be more in touch with my core values and feel more confident as a result. I know my work self better and am excited to continue to develop my leadership approach and take the time that process deserves.” 

—  Coaching Client

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Drop me a note here or email me at kaylin@kaylinaarts.com. You can also schedule time with me directly here through Calendly. Looking forward!

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